Sunday, June 10, 2012

News of the Day: Disco and Crucifixion

Dual purpose post for today. First up, the song of the week:

Apparently the video's uploader loves Ron Paul enough to advertise for him on a Bee Gees music video? Try not to let it detract from their splendor.

Anyways, here's a few links to interesting pieces I've read today:

  • Ezra Klein points out that when President Obama said that the private sector was fine, he really meant that he hates the private sector the public sector has been heavily downsized during his first term in office, and that we should aim to reverse this trend. I seem to remember writing about this somewhere...
  • Paul Krugman thinks that bailing out the Spanish banks, if successful, will only buy Europe time. Time that they will, as in the past, make poor use of.
  • David Frum joins the party when he likewise points out that the Op-ed by Phil Gramm and Glenn Hubbard was total crap an inaccurate and misleading comparison between two wildly different recessions. Glad to see I was so ahead of the curve on this? 
  • Noah Smith is disappointed by Robert Barro's seemingly robotic proclamations that all we ever need to do to fix our economy is cut all the taxes, all the spending, and go back to an age where snake oil was sold on every corner deregulate. 
  • Matt Yglesias is pleased with Christina Romer's new op-ed that urges the Fed to do something. Also, the title of his blog post is the best. Now you have to go and see it.
In other news, tomorrow I start my internship down at the statehouse, where I will be taking money from lobbyists left and right working for a representative on the finance committee. I'll be sure to post about the things I do down there if I do or see anything interesting.