Monday, June 18, 2012

I Am Government Man, Round Two

Quick post today, as I've had a long day and don't much feel like writing more than I already have. I trust that many of you reading this remember my post last week about what I've been doing down at the Ohio Statehouse. If not, go read it here. If you have read that post, then I've got something that may interest you even more. Today I finished the proposal for implementation in Ohio, which you can all download an read right here. It should open up in a Google Drive window, but you can hit File > Download at the top left if you want to download it. It looks a lot cleaner and is easier to read when you download it, just saying.

In any case, the proposal isn't too long, and it mostly consists of  bullet points and charts. Basically, if you're interested in learning about a part of the Affordable Care Act that virtually no one knows about, you should read this proposal. If not, then, hell, I don't even know why you're here!

But seriously, you all should read it and give me feedback, because I could really use some feedback, as I'll be emailing this to various consumer and health care groups across the state to see what they think.