Friday, June 15, 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

You might be wondering what I'm describing in the title. No, it isn't the economy. It might be health care in about 6 years, but that depends on the Supreme Court. But no, I'm mostly talking about this blog. The title kind of overstates it, but today I broke 4,000 views. Every subsequent 1,000 views I've gotten has taken less and less time. This go around, it only took 3 weeks to get another thousand views. 

Yes, I know that I'm probably making a big deal about very few total views, but hey, I take what I can get. I've noticed that people are also commenting more on my posts than they have in the past, which I'm thrilled about. Yes, even the critical ones. To be honest, when I started this blog, I didn't think that anyone would ever really read it besides a few close friends. But I have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised by the turnout, even if I wish I had a larger audience. I'll get there eventually, I suppose. 

In any case, I just wanted to, again, thank everyone who's read my blog since the start. New readers, I sincerely hope you stick around. It'll be a long, interesting summer, and I think I'll have plenty to write about in the coming months before the election. I'll keep writing if you keep reading. And if you really want to do me a solid, you can share my blog with your friends! 

Stay beautiful.